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All you need to write it right

 Style-checking for Microsoft Office


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StyleGuard is simple to install and is always up-to-date with new AP style rules. StyleGuard keeps track of more than 25,000 style rules, so you don’t have to.


StyleGuard identifies only relevant suggestions without interfering with your work. With a seamless Microsoft Office integration, StyleGuard becomes a natural extension of Word and Outlook.


StyleGuard tracks your changes and suggests fixes as you type. It dynamically validates conformance against the AP Stylebook and suggests fixes when necessary.

New AP Stylebook 2018 is available!

 Starting at $69.99

Write with confidence

StyleGuard is an innovative proofing tool that seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office. It provides power of certainty while you write. StyleGuard users represent a diverse group of individual and corporate customers. Our clients include students, freelancers, private institutions, small to large corporations and the media. By incorporating StyleGuard’s advanced style-checking capabilities with Microsoft Office spelling and grammar, our customers can publish with confidence that the content is free of errors.

  • Write with confidence

    StyleGuard provides the power of certainty while you write.

  • Remove redundant words

    Powerful rules help avoid redundant words and phrases.

  • Check names

    Ensures names are written according to capitalization rules, like iPad and eBay.

  • Mac and PC

    Compatible with Microsoft Office on both Mac and PC.

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